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Xiengkhoung - Plain of Jars

2020. August 05.

Xieng Khuang’s world-famous giant ‘jars’ along with Hintang’s mysterious megaliths indicate a well-developed iron-age culture of which historical knowledge is astonishingly hazy. Whoever carved those enigmatic monuments had long since disappeared by the 13th century when Xieng Khuang emerged as a Buddhist, Tai Phuan principality with a capital at today’s Muang Khoun.

Xiengkhoung is in the Northern part of Laos. You can easily access from Luang Prabang on the road, or it is quicker to take a Lao flight of 1 hour from Vientiane to Phonsavan, which is a popular base from which to explore Plain of Jars.

What to do in Xiengkhoung?

After UNESCO listed a world heritage city in 1995, Xiengkhoung also is one of the province that are well preserving by UNESCO. It is located on the northeast of Laos with having a boundary with Vietnam. There are also many higher elevation of the mountains and surround by the plateau that are home of another ethnic group as Hmong in Laos. Furthermore, the city used to be a battle fields during Vietnam war and also heavily bombed by US air force.

Spend a few nights here to see:

  • the unbelievable Plain of Jars. This megalithic place, which contains multiple different sites,  was added on UNESECO World Heritage list
  • Explore the old capital, Moungkhun,
  • Visit the oldest significant stupa Thatfound which was built for storing a relics of the Gottama Buddha,
  • Have a relaxing walk at the ruined Buddhist temple Wat PIA, which was bombed by US or the ruins a  Hospital built by French colonies,
  • Pay a visit to see ethnic people, Tai Dam and try their local traditional products,
  • Visit UXO museum, MAG visiting center where collecting different type of bombs and metal scraps from the war
  • Enjoy our natural hot spring waters,
  • If you have more time, drive to the historical places to see Memorial cave ThamPui, where many lao people, even Soldiers hid from US missiles,
  • As always, visiting morning market gives you a good start of the day, and you also may have a chance to meet different tribes selling their products.

If you chose to visit Plain of Jars and surroundings with me, I suggest to book for 1 night if you prefer to fly from Vientiane, or 2 nights if you prefer to get there on the road from Luang Prabang.

That found Stupa Xiengkhuang

Hmong tribes Xiengkhuang

Ancient jars Xiengkhuang

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