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Vang Vieng

2020. August 05.

Vangvieng is a small city located in Vientiane province, Laos just on the way from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, with its magnificent green, rural nature. Be prepared for the trip, as it takes about 2 hours from Vientiane and 3-4 hours from Luang Prabang.

Vang Vieng has evolved into Laos’ number-one adventure destination, with kayaking, rafting, caving, mountain biking and world-class rock climbing all available. These activities tend to be more popular than the sights, which are mainly monasteries dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

These days it’s a paradise for backpackers, but also provides many good reputation hotels, resorts and nice bungalows for all visitors.

Like rural scene from an Oriental silk painting, Vang Vieng is surrounded by many beautiful high mountains and there its peaceful Nam Song river floating through city.

What to do in Vang Vieng?

If you plan to explore Laos, this is a place to find a huge variety of incredible adventure tours. I suggest to start exploring “must-see” tourist sites,

  • Spend your time with visiting a most gorgeous natural cave Tham Jang where you can find numerous stalactites and stalagmites,  
  • Enjoy and relax with kayaking or tubing on Namsong river,
  • Do some fantastic trekking to hmong villages and natural caves in the forests,
  • Bring yourself to refresh or swim at nice Blue Lagoon,
  • Hike up to fascinating Viewpoints,
  • Rent a bike or buggy cars, and just hang out
  • Take a short visit to the lao organic farm and try our lao mulberry leaves tea, 
  • Try and fly the sky with balloons to enjoy beautiful scenery of Vang Vieng and surroundings
  • Do an amazing ziplines or camping as you want. 
  • There are so many good restaurant that serving a café and delicious foods as well

I suggest to spend a few days here, to have enough time to feel the place, which is the most stunning picturesque spot of Laos.

Even more, there is a lot more to enjoy around Vang Vieng, if you are interested feel free to contact myself to plan your private or group tour together. I can take you from Vientiane or Luang Prabang… for how long you would like to stay, this is only up to you, but plan at least for 2 nights there.

Sunset in Vangvieng
Swimming in blue lagoon Vangvieng
Tubbing on Namsong river Vangvieng
Kayaking in Vangvieng
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