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Luang Prabang

2020. May 14.


The first Lao kingdom, Lane Xang (Million of Elephants Land) was founded in the 14th century by king Fa Ngum after he conquered and unified the  land north of Vientiane, Including Luang Prabang, Xiengkhuang, Khorat plateau stretching into what today Northeastern Thailand.

Luang Prabang remained the Capital of LaneXang until King Sethathirath moved the kingdom’s administrative seat to Vientiane in 1560.

Even after the Capital was moved to Vientiane, Luang Prabang remained the country’s spiritual and religious center.

After the death of King Souriyavongsa in around 1694, LaneXang kingdom was divided into three Kingdoms: South Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and North Kingdom ( Champasack,Vientaine and LuangPrabang ).

Part of French Indochina during the 19th -early 20th century colonial periods Laos achieved complete independence in 1975 with the founding the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Today Laos is comprised 17 Provinces, 1 Capital City. It is the Least populated in Southeast Asia with more than 7 million inhabitants.



Luang Prabang Is located in a part of the northern Province in  Laos. The city is situated between the confluence of two different rivers Mekong and Nam Khan. It is actually one of the most famous captivating town with being rich in cultural heritage, but is also known as a seat of lao culture.

In this peaceful and charming colonial town you can feel yourself  relaxed when walkin around multiple ancient temples, monuments, you will see special traditional costumes and surrounded by many types of nature’s beauty. You will find yourself surrounded with monks living in the city and you will understand peace and big heart of Lao people.

In 1995 UNESECO added the town on the list of Heritage Sites and declared Luang Prabang one World Heritage city in Southeast Asia.

What to do in Luang Prabang?

Well, there is a lot to choose from, I suggest to book hotel here for at least 3 nights. To scroll around the city, the best it to walk at your pace, places are close to each other, as this is a small town. Spend your valued time to explore this delightful city by sightseeing:

  • an oldest magnificent Buddhism site, Wat xiengthong temple , perfectly decorated  by glass mosaics, It’s serving as a home of Buddhist monks, is well preserved by UNESCO , Inside you will also find a golden lacquered chapel holding a funeral carriage of Luang Prabang king,
  • Walk in slowly for visiting another an exquisite Buddhism place, Wat Mai temple, decorated by a thousand Buddha statues inside.
  • Continue silently to worship at the oldest operating temple Wat Visounarat which was built in 1512. It’s served as Buddhist religious museum with containing numerous Buddhist artifacts inside.
  • Discover the former Royal Palace of our King, which was built by French colonies era, Inside displays different items, Most of materials made by gold, copper, bronze
  • Short walk to a Royal Garage for observing LINCOLN Continental, Edsel and Citroen cars that presented by USA, French governments.
  • Do a fantastic 4-5 hours boat cruise trip on the peaceful Mekong River to explore a mysterious cave which is the home of more than 4000 ancient Buddha images, on the way enjoy your relaxing time on boat with sightseeing the beauty of nature, surrounding Green forests, local people farming or gardening, lovely animals strolling around riverbanks or Stop at Ban Xanghai, famous rice wine producing village. Perhaps would be a great experience to observing their traditional rice whisky production be well prepared.
  • Do some challenging climb up with 328 steps up to Phousi Mountain for a beautiful sunset or observing a spectacular landscapes of the city.
  • In late afternoon organize a tour to a tourists’ paradise Kuangsi waterfalls , It is absolutely gorgeous natural place, and an inspiring site for almost all our visitors (so it can become croudy in aftrenoons). Here you can enjoy the time with cooling down yourself at the pools or hike up to observe a waters falling down from high level. Keep sharing some time to feel the lives of Moon bears at Bear Rescued Center
  • Set your alarm very early if you would like to take part of Buddhist Alms Giving rituals, It’s a great opportunity to see many monks begging their foods from Local contributors.
  • Providing your leisure for experiencing Lao Cooking class .
  • Enjoy your own time for strolling and shopping Lao handicrafts products at Night Market from 5pm
  • Plan also for cycling to discover a World Heritage Town or biking to rural village to see their living is a great idea.

Surroundings of Luang Prabang

If you have more time, and planning to stay in my Hometown a little longer, there is lot more to do at the outskirts:

  • Do some amazing adventure, Kayaking or Hiking through a deep forests and passing farmers’ rice fields to a beautiful waterfalls,
  • Do some incredible trekking to discovery a living of some ethnic groups on the mountains or valley.
  • Spend some time with Elephants at Elephant village
  • Crossing Mekong River by luxury boat for sightseeing a botanical garden and study about all plants in Laos.
  • Do a tour to a Farm living lands, Perhaps it would be a great experience to know how local people in Laos growing and harvesting their rice
  • Joining a public ferry crossing river to visit a Famous Pottery Village, Ban ChanTai where local peoples creating  jars, toys, others by clays. Probably you can join them to create your own designs as you want.

If you need some help to show you around my hometown, I’m available for different guided tours, based on your interests and how long you stay with us, you can contact me anytime.

I recommend below Tours in Luang Prabang

  • One day city tour – for the ones who has limited time – walking, by car, by bike Depends on your wishes I would show you the highlight of my Hometown.
  • Two days tour – for the ones have a little more time, and ready to discover treasures outside my town
  • Buddhism tour to discover our religion through the eyes of a Monk. This tour is designed for visitors with some interest in our country religion. I will show you around most beautiful temples, monasteries, and will tell you some stories of my monkhood.
  • 4 days tour – this will cover the must visit places in the town, and also at the outskirts

Which one would like to go?

Alms giving ceremony

LuangPrabang Sightseeing

4 Days Tour to the Best Highlight site in LuangPrabang

DAY1 …… LuangPrabang Arrival
DAY2……LuangPrabang City  tour-Buddha cave  
DAY3…… LuangPrabang City Tour -Kuangsi Waterfalls
DAY4 ……LuangPrabang Departure  

Day1. LuangPrabang Arrival

You will meet the private tour guide at the airport then a guide will lead you to the your hotel. LuangPrabang is perhaps the best-preserved traditional city in Southeast Asia. The tranquility and charm of this town with its splendid natural scenery and cultural sight, It is one of the most famous and delightful place in Laos, Enjoy on your own on your free time.

Overnight in luangPrabang.

DAY2. LuangPrabang City tour -Buddha cave

After your breakfast at the hotel, Around 8:30am, A guide will meet you at lobby then we will have a short drive to the UNESCO site for visiting the former king’s palace which was built between French during 1904-195  and then it was converted into museum until today, There are many different items that are displayed inside including some rare furniture, Traditional costumes and arts. Then we  embark on a cruise upstream on the Mekong river, Which also give us a breathtaking view of tranquil countryside, Along the way we will make some stop at the famous village for seeing a locals peoples produce the Lao traditional rice whisky , After that we continue our trip to explore the mysterious Pak Ou caves , Where is home of more than four thousands buddha images that were left by pilgrims in the past.

Landscape of LuangPrabang

DAY3. LuangPrabang City tour -Kuangsi Waterfalls

An optional early start gives you the fantastic opportunity to participate in the daily morning rituals of saffron-clad monks from many different temples walking along the road for collecting the alms from the faithful residents. This tradition is very unique in Laos. The you will visit the local morning market.

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, Then we continue our tour of this enthralling town to visit Wat Xiengthong , One of the most beautiful and survived temple in the city, Which dates back from 16th century and is consider to be a finest I Laos. Furthermore we visit others exquisite  temples Wat mai , famous for five-tiered roof of its wooden sim built in LuangPrabang style, Wat Visoun a water melon stupa because its shapes. On the late afternoon we drive around 25km to a beautiful waterfall Khuangsi . On the road is border by local villages and some Organic gardens, We can make some stop for photographs as well then enjoy your time with refreshing swim in the turquoise pools. Later on we back to the town for sightseeing sunset on the top of the Phousi Mountain where you can take some fresh breathing with enjoying the panoramic views of the town. And coming down for the Night market.     

Overning in LuangPrabang.

DAY4. LuangPrabang-Departure

Free at leisure for some shopping on your own before transferring to the airport.

Mekong Riverside LuangPrabang
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