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2020. October 22.
DAY1 ……Buddhism site tour

Duration: Full day
Time Duration: 8-9 hours
Tour Start at 5:30am or 8:30am

Full day Buddhism Tour in Luang Prabang

This is special and holy tour, I do recommend this for visitors with interest in Lao Culture, tradition and Buddhism. We will have to respect local people during our walk.

As you know, Laos is a Buddhist country in Southeast Asia. About 75%-80% of Laotian people are practicing Theravada Buddhism ( ). Although there are  three different religions in Laos, Buddhism is the most widely respected one. Laotian people, in the whole country use Buddhism and doctrines of the buddha as a guidelines for their daily life. They hold close to their hearts with practicing every day.

If you are planning to visit Laos, especially Luang Prabang a world heritage city, this enchanting town holds many old and famous Buddhist sites such as: Old Buddhist temples, Stupa, caves and monuments. Furthermore, You still can find a lot of Buddhist monks practicing their daily routines as well. This UNESCO city is so popular and being a best destination for most of visitors.

So that I highly would like to recommend you to participate with fascinating activities including help us preserving our unique traditions and colorful culture during your trip in Laos as well.

For a tour:

If you really would like to know the most of our religion, I recommend to start this tour with me around 5am. Early morning, after you will hear the wooden bells are ringing at the temples, you can walk to a UNESCO town to observe and participate in a daily routines of Buddhist monks. Starting with Alms Giving Ceremony , you will find a lot of monks dressed in their orange robes walking on the street for begging for their foods from locals. This tradition is very unique in Laos. After this ceremony I will take you back to your hotel to refresh and have your Lao breakfast.

Alms giving2     Alms giving ceremony1

After your breakfast, around 8.30 am we can continue our tour (or if you prefer you can start the day only after breakfast) to participate in meditations with monks inside a temple with having some introduction from monks as well, this is a great experience and these amazing activities might be useful to help you to calm your mind with having your body relaxed. Furthermore, you can take this opportunity to talk with monks as well.  Then we will visit a well-known place which is the best preserved by UNESCO and Oldest surviving Wat, Wat Xiengthong temple which has a magnificent  architecture style. One of the most exquisite temple and full of decorating by mosaic glasses. It is a perfect designs by Lao artisan. This significant temple was built in 16th century by lao monarchy.


After this must see attraction, we continue our tour to another significant Buddhism monument, Phousi Mountain or a golden stupa, which was built for holding a relics of Buddhism and most of Buddhist people hike up there for a worshipping. Be prepared for a  challenge, we will have to climb up 328 steps to the top, but the spectacular view and beautiful landscape of city will payback for this exercise.

Wat-Chom-Si mountain

After spending some time there, we can head down to Mekong river   for embarking on a luxury boat and Cruise up against the river to a mysterious cave, ThamThing or Buddha cave . This ancient place used to serve as a spirit worship place in antient time. Upon arrival,  you will find inside countless ancient Buddha statues of different sizes. During this boat trip you will enjoy and relax while observing our beautiful nature, lovely animals, local people farming around those area.

In late evening, we will join a unique tradition, Baci Ceremony . This is very special activity for visitors who travel to Laos. It combines with a prayer chanting and the blessing cotton threads which will be tied on your wrist to keep you lucky.

Then enjoy your own time at handicrafts night market.

If you take this tour with me, please be prepared for staying overnight in Luang Prabang before and after this tour.

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